Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Italy recap (sort of...)

Roma. Colosseum. Ancient ruins. St. Peter's Basilica. Vatican Museum. Walking. Walking. GELATO. Metro rides. Sistene Chapel. Piazzas. Eating. Sleeping. GELATO. Walking. Traffic. Train. Italians arguing. Firenze. Duomo. More Walking. Train to Pisa. Climb the Leaning Tower. Eat. Walking. Bus ride to Lucca.  Rent beat-up bikes. Ride around the Lucca medieval wall. Walking. Train to Florence. Train to Cinque Terre. Very long day. Italian Riviera. Hiking. Walking. Feet in the Mediterranean Sea. GELATO. Long ride home. Climb the stairs to apt. Very tired. Sleeping in. Driver takes us to Tuscan countryside.  Wine tasting. Nonna's lasagne - amazing! Must. Have. Recipe! Villas. Castles. Wealthy Italians. Fiat mini van. Come home to Florence. GELATO.  Hike up the stairs. Packing. Off to Venice.  Vaparetto shuttle boat.  Magical scenery.  Beautiful.  GELATO. I'm so tired - that's it for now!  Will post a couple photos next time....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Travelogue 101 and the quirky \British keyboard...

\well, the first two legs of our journey are complete, and \i find myself sitting in \london \Heathrow airport - in the British Airways lounge to be exact, and I think this may be the only time \i have a few moments to write for awhile.... when we get to Rome, we hit the ground running, so to speak -- as we have only given ourselves a day and half to see the necessary objects before moving on to a little slower pace and five nights in \florence.

I just have one question\:  Why is the \ & | key where the shift key is supposed to be on a |British keyboard?  Along with the necessary £ and € keys, in addition to the $ key -- (how very international of them!) it looks like my keyboard at home, and yet |I seem to be typing just one key removed for some words. For illustration purposes, |I'm going to forgo my usual need for typing perfection just this once, as I am sleep-deprived and it's just too much work, for one thing... for another thing - I think it's funny.

\Now, on to the journey so far:  three trips through security (fyi, in Canada and |Europe you do not have to remove your shoes but you do have to give up the unopened xl bottle of Evian you lifted from the lounge in YVR), and two flights -- waiting for our flight to Rome at the moment, which will leave at 18:30 (and yes, \I've changed my watch to a 24 hour time clock, let's just keep things simple on this trip okay|?)##
(apparently the return key also has a difference of location...)#

We will get a sampling of 4 different airlines by the time we get home, so |I think I may be a good candidate to provide a comparative analysis of |Business/\first class service on each by the end of the month, if anybody cares.  I must say, the sleeper seat in Club World business class on the 9 hour British |AIrways flight from Vancouver was a welcome treat.  I got a whole 4 hours of sleep -- which is a new record for me on an overnight flight.  |Of course, we had a light breakfast before landing and now we are expected to eat lunch in the lounge as it's 15:36 already!  Jet lag - it's a beautiful thing...#

Many thanks go out to L.O., who arranged these flights for us as a thank you for Jim's stellar construction work over the past few years on her behalf. Her arrangements have allowed us to not only fly in style, but relax in comfort in the British Airways Club World lounges in Vancouver and London....

Here in \London, it appears British Airways OWNS Heathrow -- or at least terminal 5.  this is their hub/headquarters and the lounge is cavernous.  The fam is on the other side of the lounge, and they are lounging, of course.  N is stretched out and asleep on a couch, C is undoubtedly checking his Facebook page, and J is reading the Daily Mail or some London newspaper.  I'm sitting at one of about 30 (!!) computer monitors in the taking care of  business section of the facility, with CNN and BBC News on flat screens overhead. Nice.

Think I'll go for a walk downstairs in a minute and check out Harrod's.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My, What Pretty Background You Have...

Well...... for those of you who take a look at this blog even semi-frequently, you'll notice I've changed the background design.  Again.  This whole blogging thing is new to me and I'm finding the endless free gadgets available on the web to be completely distracting.  ADHD level distracting.  I mean... is this cute, or what?  Honestly, it makes me want to create 3 more blogs just so I can be all Cybill-like and have multiple personalities.  (As if having two wasn't bad enough........ahem, blogs, I mean)

So, let me know what'cha think!  If you don't like it, as they say in Texas about the weather, just wait a minute -- it'll change....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Italian in Training

It's not like this Swedish-American-Heinz57 girl hasn't been in training since marrying The Italian in 1983... but I feel like I'm embarking on the ultimate training exercise:  a real-life trip to Italy!!

I really will try to post some updates while we're gone, but seriously, if I can't keep up with my gigantor 27 inch monitor at home, do you think my little Droidy-droid screen is going to suffice in typing all the crazy random information that will be going through my brain while in Italy?  Still, we'll see....

So much planning, preparing, research, etc. etc has been done over the past few weeks - I just hope I can really pull it off and make my family think I'm worthy of an Italian name... no, really!  One of my great hopes is that we will magically run into someone with one of our family heritage names in the little towns of Pisa or Lucca (where we think they are from) and be able to find a distant relative (hopefully one who runs a fabulous restaurant), and bring home some news about the cousins that look just like the hubby and in-laws... heh, heh!

Or, we could just have a great time, see some amazing scenery, eat some delicious food and call it a day.
That would make me happy, too.....